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I’m coming to you with one of my fantastic friends and a guru in the billing world so those of you who have been wanting to hear about billing guess

What I’ve got a special treat and surprise for you I have a girl named Sarah O’Brien and her and I kind of met in a funny way but Sarah is a master when it comes to billing she has.

how u get all benefit of renaissance dental

renaissance dental previous guest on this podcast he’s the author of a simple renaissance dental path to wealth and the Chautauqua in Ecuador is organized by a

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A podcast host she hosts the fair sense podcast both of them are big names in the fire movement that week has already sold out in fact it sold out immediately and then

the second week that I’m in Ecuador I’m going to the Galapagos just for funsies and then the third week I will be at a Chautauqua with Lee from physician on fire and Steve from think save retire and I believe that there are still spots left for

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because for some reason she still uses a hotmail address there are also Chautauqua events in Europe they’ve been held in the UK Portugal and Greece and as part of.

their speaker roster they’ve drawn from the guys from choose Fi Jonathan and Brad they’ve had Gillian John Surratt from Montana money adventures so they’ve had many people JT.

Roth you know they featured many of the names from the fire community as well of course the Chautauqua’s by their very nature because especially

U can Use Insurance For Dental Everyone

humana dental come early you’ve been humana dental telling the coma oral you come tell them to come early and then all sudden they get a text or some electronic communication and now they’re being told to come at the time that .

They were originally scheduled for so I always take my patients and just stagger them by minutes so that the electronic communication they get always has

A minute earlier time to come in awesome yep now you mentioned lab case I don’t know if this is a good time to put it or not but we’re talking about the flow between.

The front that’s the focus today you have lab in there does that mean they have a lab case it’s in it’s not in that’s have always been an issue like Oh their lab case isn’t here and we don’t know until the morning huddle yeah so.

What I always did and again I’ve been usually go soft such a long time before that the lab tracker was then so

I would write stuff like li my lab and and ello for my lab out that was my original way of sort of tracking that kind of thing and then that way when I looked at my schedule I could automatically tell if my lab work was out or

USA insane insurance

I said that way insurance I have all of my documentation you know my big battle with the office I worked in was you know my doctor would always come up to the front and say hey did .

We get X back or whatever and I would have my my standard answer was go back to the operatory and click on the tooth you know it was because we you know.

We always had this this battle of did we get it back did we get it back and I finally said you know what why you keep coming to me sometimes I don’t remember if.

We got it back but I do know that our process is to scan it into the system and now it’s going to be part of the system what is that the the bottle that you.

There’s my implant bottle so assistance you know the assistants are always looking for that letter from that specialist and a lot of times you’re digging through smart doc or .

Whatever but through the internal camera we’ve just got a picture of my bottle so I can tell that that’s a brand mark . and now I can tell that you know if.

I have to go find a wrench we’ve got multiple implant systems and in the office then this is a great way to be able to see hey here is my implant system .

That we’re using it’s branagh mark I can see what size it is it’s serial number for it and then here’s my custom abutment label so I can see exactly.

what’s been happening with that it’s a brand mark I can see what size it is you know these are the kind of things that we go digging through smart dock for or if you’re still in a paper chart looking for this little tiny label someplace in.