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Catch you next week welcome to the dental a-team podcast we’re your hosts cured it and dr. Marc Costas Marc and I have this crazy idea that maybe .

We could combine a dentist and a team members perspective because let’s face it dentistry can be a challenging profession with those two perspectives and dental a-team podcast.

Was created I’m a practicing dentist a multiple practice owner a dental performance coach and the founder of the dental Success Institute I’ve been

A dental assistant treatment coordinator scheduler biller office manager current practice owner and international dental consultant Marc and I don’t just.

Understand you we are you our goal is to positively impact the world of Dentistry by sharing our lessons learned from the road in hundreds of dental offices two perspectives .

One mission to help down professionals reach their full potential welcome to the dental podcast [Music] [Applause] howl of Dan’l listeners this is Kerry dent.

I’m coming to you with one of my fantastic friends and a guru in the billing world so those of you who have been wanting to hear about billing guess

What I’ve got a special treat and surprise for you I have a girl named Sarah O’Brien and her and I kind of met in a funny way but Sarah is a master when it comes to billing she has.