renaissance dental previous guest on this podcast he’s the author of a simple renaissance dental path to wealth and the Chautauqua in Ecuador is organized by a

woman named Cheryl the word Chautauqua means retreat and these Chautauqua’s draw heavily from

The fire community for example this year I will be there I’ll be in Ecuador or three weeks in November the first week I’ll be there with Vicki Robin and Tanya .

Hester Vicki is the grandmother of the fire movement she’s the author of your money or your life Tanya Hester is the author of the blog our next life and also.

A podcast host she hosts the fair sense podcast both of them are big names in the fire movement that week has already sold out in fact it sold out immediately and then

the second week that I’m in Ecuador I’m going to the Galapagos just for funsies and then the third week I will be at a Chautauqua with Lee from physician on fire and Steve from think save retire and I believe that there are still spots left for

that one so if you’re interested in that you can go to above the clouds retreats calm and send a message to Cheryl or just email her above the clouds retreats at

because for some reason she still uses a hotmail address there are also Chautauqua events in Europe they’ve been held in the UK Portugal and Greece and as part of.

their speaker roster they’ve drawn from the guys from choose Fi Jonathan and Brad they’ve had Gillian John Surratt from Montana money adventures so they’ve had many people JT.

Roth you know they featured many of the names from the fire community as well of course the Chautauqua’s by their very nature because especially