tooth pain going to do to the employees on a monthly basis if we just pass the four four four and a percent on the city picks up the four rand a half they pick up the four and a half so .

they you know right now you can see we’ve kept we’ve kept the city funding

the full amount for PPO plan and PPO plan – for employee only but you know for PPO plan 

A spouse will go up$ a month the child will go up $ a month the family would go up $ a month for plan – the spouse would go up .

A month the child would go up and the family would go up about twenty-one dollars a month and then on the PPO plan three the high option dollar for employee for

spouse for child and for family sothis keeps our by doing a four and halfpercent this keeps the the currentsplits in place which we think are goodthese are monthly right these aremonthly yes sir not not not paycheckthese are monthly so if you look at putyou know you took that took that takethat in half right and again these arebefore you run it through

the section plan so these rates you know go downa little bit for running through on apre-tax basis so on the high end youknow the family on the PPO plan threeit’s a  it’s dollar increase on amonthly basis her dollars on

apaycheck so having talked to two staffand meeting with city management teamyou know our recommendation is to renewthe health plan with Blue Cross BlueShield the employees like Blue CrossBlue Shield we’ve been in

situationsbefore in the past where we went toAllegiant and we had a lot of unhappyemployees but for now most of theemployees are happy with Blue

Cross andBlue Shield this is not changing any ofthe network’s keeping the networks thesame everything stays you know as is inaddition we did get the

renewal on thedental which is a rate pass I think youhave it in your packet the life and