humana dental come early you’ve been humana dental telling the coma oral you come tell them to come early and then all sudden they get a text or some electronic communication and now they’re being told to come at the time that .

They were originally scheduled for so I always take my patients and just stagger them by minutes so that the electronic communication they get always has

A minute earlier time to come in awesome yep now you mentioned lab case I don’t know if this is a good time to put it or not but we’re talking about the flow between.

The front that’s the focus today you have lab in there does that mean they have a lab case it’s in it’s not in that’s have always been an issue like Oh their lab case isn’t here and we don’t know until the morning huddle yeah so.

What I always did and again I’ve been usually go soft such a long time before that the lab tracker was then so

I would write stuff like li my lab and and ello for my lab out that was my original way of sort of tracking that kind of thing and then that way when I looked at my schedule I could automatically tell if my lab work was out or