dental insurance no waiting period if we were to add Medicare dental benefits to Medicare Part B all Medicare Advantage plans would have to provide that benefit because Medicare .

dental insurance no waiting period

Advantage plans are required to provide the same Part A and Part B benefits that are in Original Medicare so all Medicare Advantage plans

would then have to provide the comprehensive dental benefit rather than their own supplemental of course they could go above and beyond the

comprehensive dental benefit if there were things that they wanted to cover beyond but if it were added to Part B then all Medicare Advantage

plans would have to provide that so that would really provide a much more comprehensive benefit and get beyond what we see a Medicare Advantage

today which is really limited set of benefits with limited scope of services and high annual our low annual caps on the amount of benefits you can

receive next slide so then is the question becomes what about Medicaid and Melissa touched on this that the coverage for dental services for adults is an

optional benefit under the Medicaid program and as a consequence we see wide variation across the states with regard to how comprehensives or

dental medicaid dental benefits are so we have states that we would contend have extensive Medicaid dental coverage yet still not you know entirely comprehensive I’m still you know limitations on scope like you can

only get a crown every three years I’m not really tied to like it’s medically necessary so you’re entitled to a kind of