I said that way insurance I have all of my documentation you know my big battle with the office I worked in was you know my doctor would always come up to the front and say hey did .

We get X back or whatever and I would have my my standard answer was go back to the operatory and click on the tooth you know it was because we you know.

We always had this this battle of did we get it back did we get it back and I finally said you know what why you keep coming to me sometimes I don’t remember if.

We got it back but I do know that our process is to scan it into the system and now it’s going to be part of the system what is that the the bottle that you.

There’s my implant bottle so assistance you know the assistants are always looking for that letter from that specialist and a lot of times you’re digging through smart doc or .

Whatever but through the internal camera we’ve just got a picture of my bottle so I can tell that that’s a brand mark . and now I can tell that you know if.

I have to go find a wrench we’ve got multiple implant systems and in the office then this is a great way to be able to see hey here is my implant system .

That we’re using it’s branagh mark I can see what size it is it’s serial number for it and then here’s my custom abutment label so I can see exactly.

what’s been happening with that it’s a brand mark I can see what size it is you know these are the kind of things that we go digging through smart dock for or if you’re still in a paper chart looking for this little tiny label someplace in.