dentemax did some really great articles and then leaders we got closer to the to the to the hearing on our bill we got some good press as well out they probably .


the two bills probably should have been heard on the same day but for a variety of reasons lb ended up getting heard very early in the session it had

about or people testify mostly organizations including us we testified in support but with cautious interest in the managed care piece and then when our bill had its hearing in April we had actually over people testified

individuals submitted written testimony over people testify I mean many of them like nearly were were people who are directly impacted by not having access to dental care six or seven were provide were dentists providers but

lots of other partner organizations and healthcare proponents as well so there was a lot of energy around this and the press definitely picked up on it and we really do think this is the next step for healthcare access in our

state next slide so we started right at the beginning of a session trying to put out some social media around this and we were collecting stories or equal

justice partners circle had a working group that was specifically focused on dental care one of our organizers was very focused on this another part-

time organizer who’s from our equal justice partner circle went to a couple locations to have meetings with people who are going to food pantries or

childcare centers or people who are homeless and hear their experiences without having access to dental so that we